Question Bank Company Law


Chapter 1: Corporate Personality

  1. Define the term company. What are its Characteristics?
  2. What is Corporate Veil. When can it be lifted?
  3. What is LLP. What are its Characteristics?

Chapter2: Kinds of Company

  1. What is the difference between a Private LTD and a Public LTD Company?
  2. What is a Foreign Company? Discuss the obligations of a Foreign Company under the Companies act 2013.
  3. What is an Illegal Association?
  4. Write Short Notes on:

a. One Man Company

b.  Government Company

c. Statutory Company

d.  Chartered Company

Chapter 3: Formation of Company

  1. Define a Promoter? State the duties and Liabilities of a Promoter.
  2. “A Certificate of Incorporation is Conclusive evidence that all the requirements of the company’s act have been complied with”. Elaborate.
  3. What are Pre-incorporation contracts?

Chapter 4: Memorandum of Association

  1. What are the Contents of a Memorandum of Association, how can you Alter the Contents of Memorandum of Association?
  2. Discuss the Doctrine of Constructive Notice and Doctrine of Ultra Vires

Chapter 5: Articles of Association

  1. What is the difference between Memorandum of Association and Article of Association?
  2. What is the Rule of Turquand?

Chapter 6: Prospectus

  1. What is a Prospectus and what are the Contents of the Prospectus?
  2. Write short notes on the following: –

Shelf Prospectus

Deemed Prospectus

Information Memorandum

3. Explain Book Building Process and I.P.O.

4. What amounts to Mis-Statements in a Prospectus.   Chapter 7:


  1. Briefly explain the requirements of the companies Act,2013 relating to:

Issue of Share Certificates

Sealing and Signing of Share Certificates

Issue of Share Warrants

2. “A Company limited by Shares has no power to buy its own shares, Comment.

3. What are the requisites for dematerialization of Shares? Also, explain its process.

4. Write a detailed note on ASBA

Chapter 9

  1. Distinguish between Transfer and Transmission of Shares. To What extent may a company refuse registration of Transfer?

Chapter 10 & 11

  1. Write a note on Compulsory Appointment of Women Directors.
  2. Who is an Independent Director?
  3. Distinguish Between:

Managing Director and Whole Time Director

Managing Director and Manager

4. What are the Provisions regarding Appointment and Removal of Directors?

5. What are the Rights and duties of the Directors?

Chapter 12:

  1. What are the Provisions regarding Company Secretary as a KMP?

Chapter1 3:

  1. “Every shareholder of a Company is known as a member while every member may not be known as a Shareholder.” Comment.

Chapter 18:

  1. What are the various modes of Winding Up of a Company?